Experience a traditional Finnish Christmas with rice porridge, side dishes and Christmas sauna and Santa Claus.

We’ll arrive at the Happy Fox forest farm in the dimming wintry evening and start off our Christmas activities by giving some seeds to the birds and leave some food for the animals living at the farm’s forest.

After an invigorating trip to the forest in lantern light, it’s time to enjoy some hot drink with gingerbread cookies by the fireplace in Fox Cottage.

Then we’ll make traditional Finnish Christmas decorations or bake gingerbread cookies as you wish.

We’ll then decorate the Christmas tree together and practice a Christmas song to be sung for Santa.

After decorating the Christmas tree, it’s time for a traditional Finnish Christmas sauna. Unwind and relax in the gentle heat of the log sauna of Fox Cottage.

After the sauna, we’ll enjoy a traditional Finnish Christmas meal.

The culmination of Christmas is when Santa arrives. That’s when we’ll sing a traditional Christmas song together to him. According to a Finnish belief, Santa only gives presents to good kids and twigs to the mean ones – let’s hope that everyone gets a present…

There are separate changing rooms and bathrooms for men and women in the Fox Cottage sauna, but only one steam room for common use. To the relief of shy ones, wearing a swimsuit or a towel is allowed in the sauna. Towels for the sauna are provided by us.

Adult € 290, children under 12 years € 190. (if you book with min price 1160€, please contact us)

Every day at 10.30 am. Booking two days before event. hello@happyfox.fi or +358 40 218 99 22


  • Return transportation from pick up places
  • Leaving food for the animals living at the forest
  • Hot drink with gingerbread cookies
  • Baking gingerbread cookies
  • Making a Christmas decoration
  • Decorating a Christmas tree
  • Finnish Christmas sauna
  • The traditional Finnish Christmas meal
  • Santa`s visit
  • Christmas spirit
  • Luxury

Minimun fee is 4 adults payment 1160€. Ask whole experience for your own group exclusively.

Ask for opportunity for ice swimming at booking. Duration including transportation ca. 6 hours.

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