Experience the beauty of the northern lights and the northern sky in a relaxing atmosphere.

We’ll arrive at the Happy Fox forest farm and head for the Fox Cottage, where the gentle heat of a log sauna awaits us in the woods. There’s a hot tub on the terrace of the sauna, allowing us to enjoy the sauna, bathe in the hot tub and watch the northern lights and the star filled skies, alternatively. Should the northern lights not be seen, the experience in the midst of nature under dark starlight sky, is still unforgettable.

Before the return trip, we’ll serve you a delicious, traditional Finnish meal in the cozy lounge of Fox Cottage.

There are separate changing rooms and bathrooms for men and women in the Fox Cottage sauna, but only one steam room for common use. You may use a towel or a swimsuit in the sauna and hot tub. We’ll provide you with sauna towels.

Adult € 180, children under 12 years € 110.

Every Day at 8.30 pm. hello@happyfox.fi or +358 40 218 99 22


  • Return transportation from pick up places
  • Log Sauna
  • Aurora hunting in the outdoor hot tub
  • Traditional Finnish homemade food
  • Beverages
  • Stories about Lapland
  • Local guides
  • Small or private groups
  • Suitable for kids
  • Luxury

Minimun 4 persons or minimum fee € 720. Ask whole experience for your own group exclusively. Duration including transportation ca. 4 hours.

Northern lights or aurora borealis are natural light displays, consisting of colorful, dancing and constantly changing figures in the night sky. The closer you are to the polar regions of the Earth, the more northern lights you’ll see. In Finland, they are most commonly seen in Lapland in winter. Northern lights are caused when charged particles of solar wind collide with the Earth’s atmosphere.

Predicting Northern lights is based on satellite observations of solar wind and bursts of the Sun. When particle bursts in the Sun are detected, northern lights can be expected to be seen on Earth within a couple of days.

For northern lights hunters, there are several professional forecasts on the Internet. Forecasts of northern lights can be provided, approximately, three days in advance. Because northern lights are a very unpredictable phenomenon of the nature, forecasts shouldn’t be trusted too heavily.

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