Experience Luxury with Happy Fox!

At Happy Fox we want to give you Luxury experiences in our unique arctic enviroment and facilities.

Happy Fox is a family company from Rovaniemi, the home city of Santa Claus and the Northern Lights. We are focused on private and small groups with personal services.

Welcome to the Happy Fox family!

Barbeque at Finnish Home Garden, 3 hours

Experience a lovely traditional Finnish barbeque at Finnish home and meet the locals!

Magic of the Forest and Log Sauna, 4 hours

Experience the healing effects of the forest, herbs and log sauna.

Fishing, 3 hours

Experience an unforgettable trip on the Ounasjoki river and try your luck with fishing.

Arctic Nightless Night Trip, 3 hours

Experience the magic of the midnight sun.

Aurora Adventure by Open Fire, 3 hours

Have a luxury experience on Aurora Adventure and Photography Tour at private forest farm and the beauty of the wintry Nordic nature by forest walk and open fire.

Arctic Sightseeing Boat Trip to the Ounasjoki River and Kemijoki River, 1 h

Enjoy the fascinating riverside views onboard the riverboat.

Arctic Summer Family Day, 3 hours

Enjoy a funfilled day full of plays and activities at the Happy Fox farm by the Ounasjoki river – a real experience for the whole family.

Adventure to Ranua Zoo, 5 hours

Experience the wild artic zoo, see over 50 arctic animal species in midst of the northern woods.

Floating Sauna and Swimming in the Ounasjoki River, 3 hours

An invigorating experience on a floating sauna.

Log Sauna and Snack, 3 hours

Experience the gentle heat of the log sauna and its invigorating health effects.

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