Experience Luxury with Happy Fox!

At Happy Fox we want to give you Luxury experiences in our unique arctic enviroment and facilities.

Happy Fox is a family company from Rovaniemi, the home city of Santa Claus and the Northern Lights. We are focused on private and small groups with personal services.

Welcome to the Happy Fox family!

Christmas is Coming! 4 hours

Experience the excitement of the arriving Christmas and its activities in a traditional way.

Log Sauna and Finnish Food Winter, 3 hours

Experience the gentle heat of a log sauna and its invigorating health effects. After the sauna we’ll serve traditional Finnish home made food.

Arctic Reindeer Adventure, 2 hours

Experience the reindeer sledging, visit the reindeer farm and hear stories about reindeer herding, hot juice and cookies.

Arctic Husky Adventure, 3 hours

Visit the husky farm and really enjoyable husky ride on the river ice. Meet huskies, enjoy open fire sausages, coffee or tea.

Magic of the Forest and Log Sauna Winter, 4 hours

Experience the healing effects of the forest, herbs and the Finnish sauna.

Arctic Winter Games, 3 hours

Are you the next hero of the arctic? Can you survive in snow? Come and try the playfull survival contest with your family and friends!

Arctic picnic and Forest Walk, 3 hours

Experience the beauty of arctic nature by forest walk and charm of the open fire and a traditional finnish food.

Finnish Christmas with Santa Claus, 3 hours

Experience a traditional Finnish Christmas Dinner and meet Santa Claus.

Ice Fishing Trip to the Ounasjoki River, 3 hours

Experience the joy of ice fishing and a ride on the frozen river on a sled pulled by a snowmobile.

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